Wednesday 10 January 2018


The gradual crescendo that this track leads us into is like walking into the middle of the woods, further and further from real civilisation, the sounds of cars replaced with the whoosh of wind through the tops of trees, everything all around a slow whirlwind of nature. Suitably it is titled 'Forest Sang' and arrives from the mind of North Carolina musicmaker Ryan Lindberg aka Koresma, who describes it as "a song made after a bear encounter in the woods."

With this force of nature as ferocious and fear-inducing as it is, Koresma nevertheless approaches the mood of 'Forest Sang' with a fresh, breezy outlook, ensuring that there is this sense of palpitation – the uptempo beat, the kinetic escape, the arpeggiating synth – without a sense of immediate danger, resulting in a chilled track. There is a sense of awe in the robust natural sounds that abound in the track, the wooden twang of the acoustic guitar, the breathy tracts of flute that summon something earthen and spiritual: "a musical byproduct of my experiences in nature," says the producer.

  • 🔔 This track appears on Koresma's East EP, part of a wider EP sequence Next Frontier, which comprises four releases based on the compass points. You can listen to East here.

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