Wednesday 10 January 2018


The momentum in this one, the wintry movement the piles of snow beside the road zapping past the window as whatever vehicle passes by whatever. This kinetic morsel, this quest of sound, has been created by Danish musicmaker Sonny—and despite this sense of motion it's titled 'Agoraphobia'. But perhaps in all the jostling drums with the skittering cymbals and the tumbling tip-tapping snares, in the refraining bassline, the gradual crash of hi-hats, there is the tension of psyching oneself up to venture outside, the sweat and the empty indoor comfort; the snow flurries out the window.

And that coldness: huge robust piano chords crunch – later in the track moving between menace and triumph as the agoraphobe reaches trembling clammy hand to the door (03:45) – the glistening marimba sounds, the hi-pitch synth all snowflakes, the whirl of icicles in the cyclical build of the ending. The explosions throughout the song, and the contrast with the bass-and-drums simplicity otherwise, this is the indecision that is always the hypeman of fear, the enduring legacy of watching a wished for world unexplored from a window many times looked through.

  • 🔔 'Agoraphobia' is taken from Sonny's debut C.E. EP, which is out now on newly launched Copenhagen-based label Koldt Bord. You can purchase the EP here.

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