Sunday 2 March 2014


As I sit here, I scroll and click and read and listen and recognise more and more acutely the hunger I'm feeling for my imminent dinner; it seems as if the closer it gets, the more wild my appetite feels. I could guzzle a barrel of food. Totally annihilate it. Anyway, as I'm feeling this bizarre hunger, the kind that leaves your thoughts jutting out at strange angles with thinning rationality, I stumbled across something I found a few days ago.

It's by slinky. Who's slinky? In name terms, it's Shane Linkous, but he's a musicmaker from Tampa, Florida, who seemingly likes nothing better than to create musical mind-candy, stuff that burrows into your brain as you listen to it – the sounds of another world but in this world right here right now. I was particularly taken by one of his latest tracks, the 2-month-old rhythmic fairy-beast that is 'Dmndz'. Presumably a contraction of 'Diamonds' with a 'z', it certainly does have a feel to it that evokes diamonds; as if diamonds had made the music, as if their glistening produced sounds, as if a synthesiser were being played inside caverns riddled with diamonds.

Unrelenting mechanical snare-like sounds roll and drum into your ears, chipping away like some monster of industry at great boulders, looking for the precious stone itself. High-pitched arpeggios pinprick in time with the endless percussion, different tones and pitches in glorious stereo, submerging you as fresh synth gusts breeze in, low bass rumbling every now and again like a terrestrial shudder from the deep. The sound of steampunk diamond mines hissing and glittering in the fractured belly of the Earth.

And yeah, you can download it. Have a look through his SoundCloud for more weird and wonderful sounds; his most recent, for instance, is a wholly experimental outing that reminds me of the battle music in the Twilight Realm from Zelda: Twilight Princess, inspired oddly by the 1982 German film Fitzcarraldo, which, coincidentally, a friend recommended to me a few weeks ago. Ain't life funny?

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