Friday 7 March 2014


Unexpectedly! And with incredible aplomb, Tokyo producer Boys Get Hurt, aka Yuki Abe, graces the internet with a new song that moves far, far away from his usual domain of emotional, romantic house music, entering that ever so addictive and on-trend sound that is juke (or footwork, or ghetto house). It's not something I thought would happen, but then again: Why stick to one genre? Or, with less focus on bloody-bloody genre— Why stick to one type of sound? Explore! Go! Create! Enjoy the mountain of sounds that lived before you! Be inspired! Never get stuck!

Anyway, last time we heard from Yukiさん he'd created a song called 'Elegance', an indie-discotèchque classic that dripped with temporary nocturnal romance. It could be, in some degree of likelihood, the last BGH track that will follow this endless summer theme of disco-house that he has pursued with gusto since I first stumbled across his music at the start of last summer. Maybe it won't be, maybe this is just a blip, an anomaly, but either way his latest offering 's p l a s h' is lovely.

Still infected with the warm, nostalgia-summoning synth chords that softened the relentless beat of his house-flavoured offerings, this new track instead jiggles with the foot-tapping brain-candy of juke. Featuring as a recurring sound, the eponymous 'splash' is more a drop of water that bwips no less than six times in as many dynamic cuts in the bounce of the rhythm. The song winds itself up, an automaton of the upbeat, the sweet, as hi-hats rattle-rage and snares roll virtuosic for maximum impact. Thin yet triumphal synth leads ring out with glistening sun-glint intensity, the soft chords get chopped syncopatedly, all in a sharp convocation of the beachside fun and dancefloor-matic atmosphere that endeared the music of Boys Get Hurt to its listeners in the first place.

So whether this colourful beachstep marks a permanent change or not remains to be seen, but whatever the weather you're guaranteed – as always – a free download of the song from this fun-loving Tokyo DJ. Also, if you want a little more insight into the world of Yuki Abe, please check out this Lazy Interview (a Q&A) he did with yours truly for YES/NO.

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