Saturday 22 March 2014


Ohhh yeaa, here's a track for you. It's a nice one. God I gotta stop talking like this. This arrived in my inbox and I really like it. Please keep sending things, I love to hear things. Anyway, the track is called 'Wahula' and it's by a Brooklyn-based maker-of-music called Melting Moods.

There is indeed something extremely melty about Melting Moods. Real name Andrew Krzynowek, he manages to create some explicitly melty atmospheres in all of the three songs on his SoundCloud. 'Black Magic' is a skewed reality of a track, a semi-nightmarish carnivalistic psychedelic electro number, and there is a ton of melted-sun funk aesthetic appeal in 'Space Walker', but the one that stuck out most to me was the most recent, 'Wahula'. Like I said.

Anyway um the synth in this track is gloriously affected, twisted with pitchbends and wah-wah, writhing over the top of muffled pulsar squelch bass, soon joined by scathing waves of distorted saw-wave chords and a crackling melody of high-register hollow synth. But in the middle we're treated to delicious portion of sumptuous funk, guitar crying carefree and groovesome bass mixed in with weird vox. These come up again, eerily repeating the song's name in barely audible lows (I thought I was hearing things at first).

All in all 'Wahula' sways with its ultimate chillment rubbing shoulders quite comfortably with the bummed-out vibe inherent in its stylised sounds, like someone artfully shrugging on a backdrop of eternal summer afternoon. I really like it. It kind of waxes your mind as if you're standing absent-mindedly watching your car get washed in a gold glint of sun through water.

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