Saturday 8 March 2014


I like it when a song lives up to its name. Fine, so sometimes a song's title has nothing to do with the song itself – in such instances we find the meaning ourselves, charting out the connection in our own terms. If you see a song with title like 'Free Floating', though, you can probably expect that the song itself is gonna be one that matches the expansive freedom in drifting through the clouds. Like with this song called 'Free Floating' – it matches up perfectly.

It's by Tom Doyle, musicmaker and graphic designer (notably making lovely minimalistic posters for URL venue, SPF420) based in Los Angeles. Despite being 3 months old, the song has passed under my nose without detection; I'm now listening to it for the I-don't-know-th time, watching the weird lilac clouds of dusk and the white-orange of muffled sunset reflected in windows, and it's a fitting soundtrack I gotta say. Yes, swathed all around in richly textured synth chords, whirling in a slow-motion cradle of soft tangible stratosphere, it mirrors well the beauty of the world.

Birdsong chirrups as syncopated rapid scales of bloops play in liquid digitalism, analogue beeps run in sunny arpeggios the whole way as an aching string-like vibrato synth sings out an airborne melody. The slow sway of the beat claps on, rolling trap hi-hats rat-tatting all the way, till a bridge with heavenly "ooooo" sounds leads into an ever-quickening frenzy of high-register synth, boiling in the pure pan of the beat, that same vibrato bubbling towards the fade-out of the track. It's a lovely sound, stretching from the smooth electronica of chillwave to the sharp beats of trap and clean melodies of J-pop, and one that I hope this guy will continue to pursue, explore, experiment with.

Anyway, you can download this for free – and why wouldn't you? – right over here.

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