Monday 10 March 2014


Bass bass and more bass. Bass so big it transfuses all your body's vital fluids with rollicking sound waves, rumbles you off your seat, trips you over, gets you dancing on the floor like The Simpsons during an episode of Battling Seizure Robots, twirling like a Beyblade 'neath the Boogieman's sun-obscuring discoball. Gloriously greasy bass drip-dripping in chunky droplets— hey! That's enough; stop!

Bassically, I speak this way because I've been debauched by the bass in Melty's fresh-fresh track 'Destiny'. From ??? (SYDNEY), Australia, its this guy's only upload on SoundCloud, a tantalising morsel that gets your ears salivating and literally starving for more. So yeah there's bass as well but but but there's more as well. There's atmosphere and energy and a footwork-flavoured beat that scream to be listened to, jostle to possess you, to guide you into the magic circle of the dancefloor and, well you know speaking in tongues? That's what it wants to do, but to your legs 'n' arms.

It's four minutes of fun. Adopting the ever more widely heard and widely practiced yet cultish and shamelessly addictive rhythm of juke/ghetto house/footwork (what's the frikkin difference, what the hell let's call it jukework house) rhythm, it drops into gloopsome tar pits of sub-bass pitted with a sparse hail of snare, flocks of vocal sample swimming through the air in skittish mayhem. Yet despite this seeming craziness it's minimalist, dropping into real melody only in its central break in bass, where high ringing distorted synth glistens in raindrop sequence – contrast this with the end, where the song explodes in crashing syncopated beats for a brutal finale. Not to mention the haunting low-vox sample of "Destinyyy..." (from the John Talabot/Pional song also called 'Destiny'?) breathing out like a mix at both ends of this immense track.

Give us more Melty, give us more! I love the name too. Melty. It is innocuous, hiding behind the cutesy moniker a swirling swathe of phantoms, bass-hungry demons and a void of nothing that only attracts the largest of sounds. Let's hope there's something soon before we all go insane.

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