Friday 21 March 2014


Well well well here is a surprise outta nowhere. Straight out of the blue up the avenues of unknown fizzing in a bottle of Diet I-Dunno opened to the world and poured out in a sparkle of sudden realisation. Anyway it looks as though Metome, the prodigious musicmaker from Japan, has made some more music. At least, I haven't seen this song anywhere before. It's a new one! And it's a video straight off the bat! Boom! Whoosh! Zip!

So it's something new and already you can hear that it has a subtly different sound to the shining Metome gems of old. These, from the up-tempo and blissful 'Water Cycle' to the slow jazz sensuality of 'Take This Love', are pretty much all free-form improvisational numbers, polished with an organic aesthetic and a penchant for glitch multiplicity, all smothered in wholly cool lounge-like atmospheres.

'Rainmaker' sees Metome take a turn for the darker, for the more mystical, perhaps just in the style of the vocal sample – utterly drenched in a fog of reverb – which as usual he gleefully twists and turns with deft touches here and there; but then this "darker" sound is also in the cold, glacial nature of the washes of chords that summon a certain swirling bleakness, a cloud sea quaking with sub-bass where components of the beat – tight snares that roll rat-tat sometimes, unassuming collections of clicks – and shoals of bleeps float in graceful flotsam colonies.

Made by Videcam Production, the video suits this somewhat more serious sound down to the ground, documenting a Pan's Labyrinth-type affair, in which a girl finds herself magically beckoned by a demoniac skull-headed magician and whisked to another world. The washed out colours of the video suiting the freezing breeze of sound in the song, its slightly unnerving vocal sample singing a plaintive lament that, on its own, could plot the fateful journey of the girl to the magic door in the video.

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