Thursday 27 March 2014


How about something from Spain right now? Is that gonna float your boat? Well in some ways it doesn't really matter where anything is from, but in others it matters a great deal. Let's just split the bill and say that it depends – it depends entirely on the situation I suppose, and your interest. Me, for example, I'm interested in where stuff comes from. Sorry but I am.

Anyway, in this instance here is something not from "Spain" as it were but from Euskal Herria – Basque Country, and it arrives in the form of a track called 'Nature' by Bilbao-based beatmaker Pupilation – or PVPILΔTION. For the sake of ease, I'm going to say Pupilation from now on. Sorry about that.

True to its name, 'Nature' features sounds of birds singing, chirping noises that ease you into the glittering glitz of wide chiming melodies that float over the top of this track for its entire duration, like a silvery mist. Bass grooves with slow and simple funk pattern, filling the deep void beneath the the shuffling raw beat that shakes its way forward with harsh hi-hats and dull-thud organic kicks and resounding snare. The middle of the track marks a return to the sound of birds; other sounds join in, glassy shearing synth sound, stepping patterns of harpsichord-like twinkling.

Little things – like the introducing the beat with just bare hi-hats, like muting all sounds except the drums for less than a second just before the middle break, like the beat's staggering return to life for the final part, like the chunks of leftover bass chopped at the end – make this track what it is: very cool. It's these simple things, simple acts of not even decoration, but of minimal subtraction, dynamic placement, that keep things interesting in this track, which with its sounds and fresh beat is very, very pretty anyway.

This guy makes music under not only Pupilation, but also Ber SO and Zitrick – maybe this current moniker is the ultimate one, the name of choice. In any case, he seems to upload a tune here and there pretty regularly, so if you're into this just check his SoundCloud every now and again.

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