Saturday 1 March 2014


Ah wow, so yeah, hmm…! This is nice. This is really nice. And if you're getting tired of my continual surprise at finding incredible stuff that I never knew existed, then maybe you should get some childlike wonder of your own and stop being such an "adult" – woo look at you, all cynical and that, must feel pretty growned-up! You must get regular haircuts too! (The collective "you", no-one in particular).

That aside, this track 'UNXSUAL' really is nice. It's from a producer called KA-YU, who is a Moluccan (islands in Indonesia) / Dutch guy from a little place in the Netherlands called Oosterwolde. Real name Woody Latuheru, he's done something that I've always wondered about: remixed his own track. Yep, he's only gone and done it. And not only that, the original track – called 'Temptations' – is essentially a remix itself, heavily sampling the rich harmonies from Beyoncé's 'Rather Die Young'. It's a remix within a remix, a film within a film, a dream within a dream, and whilst not as confusing as that last one, it sure is as mesmerising.

Exploding in your ears, it's an instant hit, a total dopamine-engager, cradling your heart in its arms as it gets down and gets moving, your spirit inextricably linked in the very moment of now. Vocal cuts like orchestra hits blast out above the clacking roll-sway of a juke-flavoured beat, rumbling drone sub-bass gripping you in its apocalyptic frequency all the way. A gun fires three quarters through. "Oh my god" says a voice; "Aww, shit!" says another. This song knows its own immensity and it brims, pulses with confidence.

Well uh that was that. Happy? I am. And I'm also definitely looking forward to hearing more from KA-YU, which will be in the near future. Recently joining the Art In Melodies family/collective alongside four other musicmakers in the Netherlands, a new EP is currently in the works – check out this snippet of a very intergalactic-sounding remix of Brandy's 'I Wanna Be Down' taken from that upcoming release.

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