Saturday 8 March 2014


It's a lovely day. Spring sun floods the room. Cool breeze washes through open door. Warmth is returning to the land. I basically really like spring, but I LOVE summer. Still got a while to wait for that. Not that I'm waiting. Spring is fun enough for now. But I'm listening to something right now that fits the freshness of spring – sunny but cool, summoning bright days such as these, or at least providing a soundtrack for such days.

It's 'Gone Love Song' by Lady Citizen. Who? Also known by real name Jun Fukunaga, he's a DJ, producer and blogger in his own right, who was until last summer based in East London, having moved back to Japan now. I stumbled across his music when Japanese whizz-kid Metome tweeted something about him; I liked his music, contacted him, and well, early next week we have a surprise on the way from Lady Citizen. For now, let's listen to this song. Taken from his very first EP Next 1 Groove, released 5 or 6 years ago on a US label. That's all I know. So why the hell am I writing about it? Cause it's just been uploaded for a free download, that's why, and I want to let you know that you should download it cause it's nice.

Taking as its focal point a meandering selection of various shuddering samples, the track skips along thanks to its wonderful beat, swaying with hip hop lilt and scratching the air with its authentic live sounds. In essence, this IS the track. It's the way that the drums tumble occasionally with fills rattled out with nonchalant skill, the way the stuttering pattern of the musical samples changes, becoming more bit-crushed and peppered with distortion, playing with them as a punk guitarist would storm along with three chords – with hypnotic energy and simplicity. It's an oft-made comparison on my part, but I can imagine it playing in the background on an old Tony Hawk's game, which is an entirely good thing, an exemplifier of the crisp organic sound of skate-hop, mirroring the cool casual nature of skateboarding (or skateboarding games, as was the case with me). Anyway, it's real nice, and sounds just as current as it probably did when it first graced ears and air.

Like I said, you can download 'Gone Love Song' now. Which is cool, because it's certainly worthy of being added to your music collection. "But it's old!" you yell. "I want something newer yo!" So ok, you can check out Lady Citizen's remix of 'Other Stories' by legendary Japanese DJ FPM – aka Tomoyuki Tanaka – which is a broiling whoosh of electronic sounds, set to a breakneck ghetto house/dubstep rhythm. OR he's also got a song on upcoming WASABEAT compilation Layer Forest 2 (out 9th May), a deliciously electronic footwork-flavoured house track, shot with dreamy swishing bleeps, called 'Between You & Me'. Check it out! Bye!

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