Monday 24 March 2014


Hi it's Monday and urgh it's Monday but at least the sun's shining, at least the sky is pure blue, at least we're alive – here we are again. Another week. The cycle is a terrible one if you observe weekends, but perhaps I should stop observing weekends and then I wouldn't feel like I've just re-entered the Earth's atmosphere every damn Monday morning. Then every day could just be a nnormal day. But on the other hand wtf am I talking about?

Look, I heard this yesterday. Cashmere Cat – some of u reading this might already be like "whoa late to the party there yes/no where u been under a rock or some shit???" whereas others might be like "who's that" so I'm gonna side with the latter and just say whatever to the former. He's a producer from Norway whose real name is Magnus August Høiberg and he's basically a pretty big deal. Aside from that, check this song, the kinda latest one of his, taken from his Wedding Bells EP, released mid-Feb.

This type of music has undeniable appeal, it's overridden with happiness and sunny vibes – and I love that Cashmere Cat is already so popular, it's like a sigh of relief, because other types of what is essentially dance music are so much more serious and in-your-face and despite sounding as if they are made for a time and place are consistently blasted into your ears at all hours of the day by braindead radio stations.

On the other hand, 'Rice Rain' exudes the atmosphere of innocence and the fun of happy occasions in fluid instrumental surroundings; a regular dripping sound lends its inane glory to the track as it zooms into multiple drops, filled always with a tumbling cloud of percussion from 80s-style toms, trappish snares and claps and some metallic clacking too. Vox works its melody alongside cutesy synth and pizzicato strings, an officious yet carefree flight-of-fancy sound against the cleanly juke-flavoured backdrop.

And that's 'Rice Rain' I guess, I dunno if Wedding Bells is a concept EP or something but rice rain, well, you throw rice (at the couple?) after the actual marriage in a church don't u? It's out now on supernice Glasgow-based label LuckyMe, anyway (go here to see all places u can get it clickety-click). Do yourself a favour and listen to Cashmere Cat today, a lot of it.

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