Wednesday 12 March 2014


With a name that literally draws attention, here is US producer LOOK. (Lucas Todd; so maybe it's just LUKE = LOOK) with something huge. It's huge alright and it's just for you. Here, take a seat. I have some news for you. Um, no really, sit down. You'll want to be sitting. Cause you're gonna be bowled right over by this, smashed into writhing smithereens of yourself. Sorry. But it's just not a good look if you're standing up y'know, it gets everywhere, difficult to clean. Sit down and open y'ears.

This is 'Beatific'. It's a two-minute track that reeks of dark trap at its core essence, but which buzzes in the air with dusty creaking haunted-house King Boo's entrance theme legdrop swagger. And yeah it's dark as hell. Sludgy brass bits sound like super grime, a towering beat builds itself then wobbles and crashes down again and again in a series of splintering bodyslams; hi-hats are replaced marbles clacking down a set of steps that haven't been walked on for 1000 years, and massive totemic slams of piano give it this weirdly artful appeal, clonking down on bass end with murderous intent. Sub-bass sinkholes pockmark the plosive kicks.

Where'd this come from? It's just mental. I love it. It's the kinda track that eats you, not even for dinner, but just as a snack, cause it eats bigger things than you just for breakfast. It's subversively triumphal, giving a dried-out yet bleeding organic heart to the usual buzzing mechanical bull that is the clean-cut sound of "regular" trap. It's big, it's confident, takes long phantom strides over your soul, and it's recorded at such a volume that you can turn it all the way up – ALWAYS satisfying in a paradoxical gimme-more kinda way.

LOOK. iz also one half of DRVG$, the other half being Cestladore – both affiliated with internet-dwelling entity, STYLSS.

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