Friday 24 June 2011


The superchilled stylings of Tropics are gracing the Pussy Parlure at Glastonbury today at just after midday. Within its decadent 1920s interior, the Pussy Parlure has been a feature at Britain's biggest festival now for about 5 years, and is famed for hosting acts that are definitely far left of mainstream: perfect stomping ground for Tropics.

Chris Ward is the brains behind Tropics. Just 22, he takes influences from pretty much every type of music to create ultra ambient tracks that just melt your brain and slide down from the skies to settle on your brain like liquid sunshine. Mixing 70's funk drums with ghostly vocals and smooth, watery synth, this new track 'Mouves' (out 18th July) is a perfect example of the vibe that drives Tropics to create such beautiful music. Enjoy.

It sounds a like some parts of Fourtet, and is just as good. I'll be trying to see this today. If the sun's out, it'll be the supreme soundtrack to the festival.

Check Tropics on SoundCloud for more, including 25 minute mixes that have almost put me in a trance as I write this.

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