Thursday 16 June 2011


This truly is the future of music - not only in sound, but in the way it is released to the world. Announcing a new single uploaded as a track on SoundCloud via your own blog, and then spreading this via Twitter; it's the future, and it's amazing really.

I've been a fan of Pictureplane for a long time. For ages I rinsed the tracks available on his Myspace - it was like nothing I had ever heard before, and this new one from the man himself Travis Egedy (for that is his real name, plus from Denver) is no exception to that utterly unique, ethereal, future-projected sound. His recordings are marked by fuzzy dance melodies, beautiful lo-fi vocals, tinged with brutally addictive beats swimming in static.

'Post Physical' is a joy to listen to. Maintaining his style with a characteristic, sustained super-distorted synth to provide some bass, the song drops into a typically high-energy beat with irregular kick (like up-tempo dubstep) and a hefty whip of snare. Glittering, bitcrushed melodies on overdrive blast back and forth as the vocal track, as always, remains slightly hidden with dollops of reverb and overdrive, as Travis sings: "We are all post physical." His esotericism is charmingly vague; I'm sure you'll find yourself falling in love with this sound after just one listen.

This is one of his most infectious songs yet, and one that perhaps is leaning towards being much more popular, or more widely palatable, than its forerunners. It comes as a follow-up to 'Real Is a Feeling', another song chucked out into the wilderness in the run-up to a new album Thee Physical (due 19th July).

Speaking of post-physical, it's a totally new way to go about getting music released and talked about. No physical CDs to send out, just post-physical, enough-for-everyone streams via SoundCloud. He announced this on his blog, PLAIN PICTURES, as follows:
on this day . june 15th 2011.

there is a full moon lunar eclipse occurring as i write these words. our world is under a great transformation physically, mentally, psychically and spiritually.
what better time for my new single "POST PHYSICAL"
debuting raw style on my soundcloud.

the song is off of my new record, THEE PHYSICAL.

listen with open ears and an open body.

He's out there, that's for sure, but it's nice to feel so connected to an artist these days. An entry on a blog would never be so open if it were any other musician, perhaps - and the instamatic nature of picking up the single, tweeting it, writing a blogpost around it, or sharing it via any other network, all add up to create the sheer pleasure of being a music fan today.

Check his SoundCloud, Myspace, and follow him on Twitter for news straight from the horse's mouth.

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  1. Check out his bling!

  2. I know... I wish I could have accessories like this. Where sells stuff like this though? #helpmewithfashion