Thursday 9 June 2011


I've heard a few songs by Balam Acab before, like 'See Birds' for example, and I like what I've heard.

Cue, then, his (yes; it's a he, just one singular he, called Alec Koone) newest song 'Oh, Why', prepped for release on his upcoming debut with Tri Angle records, 'Wander / Wonder'. Artists like this are coming up out of the woodwork and cracks in the pavement, becoming the fix we all need for our craving for new, interesting, and good music.

BALAM ACAB - Oh, Why by TriAngleRecords

Starting with an unknown female vocal sample against a gentle marriage of rainstick static and what sounds like a harp, this is a supremely chilled track. Delayed synth bass and the typical slow drums of drag kick in around halfway through, in addition to a rolling high pitch synth over the top.

The vocal sample is unassuming and throughout never overpowers the clear strength of the song, which is clearly its production and mastery. Balam Acab is a master of slow jams, slow hip-hop beats emulated with a finesse that far surpasses many typical 'crunk' beats swaggering about these days. To quote the Big Beat Manifesto (Peep Show): "Big beats are the best, get high all the time" - this song, with the intelligent drums and heavenly floating sound, encompasses both.

It's eerie, beautiful and so unobvious and modest that it demands your attention. I'm very much looking forward to the album.

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  1. Here is the sample... so much less awesome than what he did with it.

  2. Haha, SO much less awesome. I do really enjoy how it was completely transformed - reminds me of how Clams Casino absolutely twists his samples to suit his needs. Thanks for the link and comment.