Wednesday 1 June 2011


A short post.

This is the sound of Benji Boko.

Chilled, dynamic, and utterly fluid, the beats and melody of 'Where My Heart Is' unwind in your ear, eased along by the more-than-auxiliary voice of Maxi Jazz, frontman of Faithless. It's a perfect marriage of smooth and smooth; smooth beats, smooth words. It's inoffensive, not highly energetic, but certainly not boring either.

'Where My Heart Is' comes from Benji Boko's debut album Beats, Treats & All Things Unique, released 21st June, which can be preordered from Amazon.

I'll write more on Benji himself when I get more of a chance, but he's certainly an interesting chap. Live, he challenges himself to make live mixes in front of a hungry audience, calling these feats of improvised mastery 'Can I Mix It?'

Watch this space.

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