Sunday 12 June 2011


Best Coast, one of the more well-known lo-fi of today - quite an achievement given the huge surge in recent years of artists coming up with no end of surf-pop, garage-fuzz, or indie-lo-fi whateverness.

The vocal hooks of singer Bethany Cosentino - who writes pretty much all material, musically and lyrically, for the band - help Best Coast to soar above other bands with a similar sound. And this new song 'Gone Again' is no exception. Starting out with some wonderful 'oooo'ing that becomes a refrain for the song, music bursts in with a foot-tapping 2/4 rhythm and Cosentino's laid-back style of singing, touched with light distortion. Perfect for a rainy Sunday indoors. Just like today, in fact.

This video comes in a series of videos for Adult Swim to promote the Adult Swim Kia Singles Program - a free mp3 series. 10 Free tracks over 10 weeks. Really cool, with some really cool artists. So check back to know when Best Coast, and some others, are up and available for download.

Here's Best Coast's nice blog:
And their Myspace.

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