Wednesday 15 June 2011


Yeah, that's right, Moscow Youth Cult. They're an electro duo from Leicester, who play something a cross between Joy Division and a lo-fi Simian Mobile Disco. Their live shows are augmented by a magic, cathode ray tube TV which projects grainy B-movie footage onto a screen behind them as they rock your world, pushing sliders and turning knobs; an interesting quirk. They will be playing live at The Lock Tavern tomorrow night, Thursday 16th June (they're on at 10pm, I'm told), and it's free - so do pop along if you're in the area.

Their EP, Hive Mind, has been released for free download (see below) and it's most definitely worth a listen. 'Girls of Boredom' is a perfect single, combining a hard and fast drum track with a dark, engulfing bass synth for a backing with attitude; add to this cutesy chip-tune and distorted, catchy vocals and you have yourself a song that's 2 parts in-your-face, 1 part pop. There's a similar feel to 'Sakura Sakura', though the strange J-pop style is completely different in execution here. Beginning with a cut up mess of distorted, compressed synth that wouldn't sound out of place on a Justice song, the song quickly moves into a fast paced world of synth distortion and chip-tune again, with female vocal samples - Japanese, of course.

Moscow Youth Cult - Hive Glow EP by Moscow Youth Cult

The last song, 'La Casa (MYC Mia MYC Tua)', features a floating bass that seems to croak with the heavy distortion placed upon it, sounding a little witch house to begin with, gradually turning into an odd, modulating house track. This wordless song is a great example of the talented production that goes into these songs.

If you liked that, you can actually get the whole of their Hive Mind EP sent to you for download. Find this below (although you can download from the above SoundCloud player too). It's a pretty wonderful way to get new music - and an EP, unless it's from a very well known band, should be free (I think) as it's kind of just a taster. Like free samples on a Sainsbury's deli counter.

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