Saturday 18 June 2011


First of all, Chris Brown can't hold a candle to OFWGKTA so whatever shit they're apparently talking, for me, is meaningless. It's banter. Chris Brown is just an absolute nutter for beating up Rhianna, and along come Odd Future with their weirdness, controversiality, religious symbology, and naturally they are met with suspicion. Chris Brown on the other hand is populist shit, utter tripe, so equal parts naturally a lot of people are going to agree with him and be utterly unable to even begin to comprehend the actually quite simple fact of the uniqueness of Odd Future.

Taco is another from OF (Odd Future) - he's in the picture at the top of this post. Worship the devil? Really? How is it that someone so clearly ignorant and touchy gets the most famous? Well, I have a theory. I think it's because he gives a fuck. In fact, I think it's because he gives too much of a fuck. So he builds his image, makes some bad music, beats up a superstar (see? he's touchy), and lives his millionaire lifstyle. Odd Future couldn't be more opposite. They don't give a fuck. They couldn't give less of a fuck. They do what they do because out of sheer fun. Chris Brown does it for money, no doubt about it.

And here's Taco defending himself again after Chris Brown cries, throws his toys out the pram and starts threatening to deck to nearest female performer, and tweets. He meets this stupidness with a quite valid point. Kanye, Jay-Z, Rick Ross, Nicki Minaj - all featured in 'Monster', which I wrote about, which itself is very dark, touching on murder, zombies, cannibalism. And these artists are all very well known; why would they put their reputations on the line if they thought the song and video would be taken the wrong way? It's quite possible that these guys also don't give that much of a fuck. Maybe not. Who knows.

Odd Future are doing what they want to do; they do a lot for shock value, but hey, it obviously works. If you can get your creativity out there to the masses with a thousand upside down ††††s, a 666, and some cockroach eating, nosebleeding, snakes-in-coffin videos, then good for you. It's clever more than anything else. What people are mistaking as Satanism, is probably more atheism, and who cares.

But check out this amazing Chris Brown song omg it's so good. See the women at the start he's frolicking with? Those are the good times, before he starts getting paranoid and aggressive... but what a tune though. You'll probably have to watch it on YouTube though, cause it's Vevo and all. I wouldn't even bother. What a waste of time. Sorry.

Chris Brown deserves it. Here is some more informed news of what is now being called a feud between Odd Future and Chris Brown.

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