Thursday 2 June 2011


Bloody Beach - interesting name. And if you're one for hidden meanings and etymologies, I'm guessing that my new band for today are probably named after a lovely sounding film of the same name, detailed to the left courtesy of Wikipedia. But there's nothing bloody about Bloody Beach, the band.

We are bloody beach. We play some kind of ethnic rock. - Bloody Beach

Describing themselves as 'Club / Dub / Punk' on their Myspace, they're four Norwegian guys, making interesting indie rock with a bit of an Eastern-sounding, foot-tapping twist. To date, they've only released one thing, which is 'Quembo Que?' with a high-energy, two-minute B-side, 'Gonzo Blues' (listen on SoundCloud). Whereas the latter is driven along like a galloping tie-dye horse with high-energy drums, punchy bass, scratchy sun-drenched guitars, and unpolished vocals floating with reverb, the star single 'Quembo Que?' is something a bit different.

Have a listen to (and a watch of) the video below to see what I mean.

How this only has 286 views (at the time of writing) on YouTube, I have no idea. It's a great song - a nice bit of the perhaps tired pseudogenre, indie dance. There's a different kind of sound going on this compared to 'Gonzo Blues', meaning that we can hope that their future offerings will be just as varied.

The surf-style guitars and tropical sound of 'Quembo Que?' ooze the urge for this song to played on a beach, on a really hot day, whilst drinking some kind of ethnic rock cocktail and dancing, of course. I really enjoy the positivity evoked by the sounds of this song, and others contemporary to it - something that I think, or hope, will be infiltrating the sound of many bands over this year.

And if you like this, you're in luck: they're touring the UK this month. Dates as follows:

June 7th (8:15pm) - The Buffalo Bar, Islington
June 7th (10:30pm) - "Mama on my mind night" at Heroes Bar in Camden
June 8th (21:30) - Dublin Castle, Camden
June 9th (21:30) - The Bull and Gate

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  1. Hey you. We've got a new video out now. Check it out:

  2. Oh amazing! Thanks for sharing this, guys. Been out of action for a bit with a broken hand... but on the mend now. I hope!