Thursday 30 June 2011


Today, a blast from the past. Well a few years ago anyway. Glastonbury stuff coming soon.

Kissy Sell Out's remix of the Does It Offend You, Yeah? classic 'We Are Rockstars' brings his strange electro style out into the cold light of day and is arguably the best example of his productions. At around the 3:00 mark the near-nauseating fuzzy slide whistle synth rocks back and forth with a uniqueness that is ironically common for Kissy Sell Out.

The heftily distorted sounds throughout are also very typical of the popular electro sound of 2008, which is when I first heard this song anyway; it's a perfect example of the progression of electro music, showcasing a virtuosity in both technique and substance with more solo additions than original samples, which are used incredibly sparsely. No doubt if this were to be done this evening or last week or something, it'd be a dubstep remix complete with an overdose of wobble. It's just nice to look back and take in a gulp of fresh music that still sounds like it's breaking boundaries even now.

• Here's a YouTube playlist for Kissy Sell Out if you care for more fuzzy electro from the eccentric DJ.
• And/or check out his Myspace

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