Saturday 25 June 2011


Playing at 10pm today, Caribou (aka Manitoba, aka Daniel Victor Snaith) will be setting the mood for the night ahead with his electronic indie dance sounds. Leaving his native London, Ontario (Canada) for another London (UK) for university and then staying put, his music combines the energy and raw sound of a live band complete with guitars and percussion, with moody electronic sounds. I like Caribou, but without having explored his discography I only know a few songs - the below, 'Odessa', is my favourite thus far, and you probably would've heard it before.

The funky bassline eschews the usual cheeriness found in funk for a much bigger, darker, emptier sound, and is the backbone of the entire song, providing a powerful foundation for the soft vocals that are cut with a start stop high-pitched noise throughout. A really great song, and something that's going to sound great as night has just set in at the Park Stage, where it's just too easy to lose yourself.

Listen to more Caribou on Myspace and check the official site.

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