Monday 13 June 2011


What a song. This has been my favourite song of the last two weeks. Nothing but pure electro goodness in here, coupled with an amazing voice and lyrics to boot, this is a joy to listen to every time I put it on. If you haven't already heard it, with the last post I did regarding this song, and even a review of their album, please do hear it now. There's a great deal of energy and warmth in this song, something that isn't at once infectious, but I found that the more I listened, the more I loved. It's a perfect song for the coming months, too - it would match a balmy summer evening so well. Just the right balance of dance and chill.

I can't believe I hadn't heard of When Saints Go Machine before, but now here they are. I feel much better for knowing who they are now. I look forward to their imminent, widespread fame.

Here's the kaleidoscopic video for 'Church And Law' again:

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