Friday 2 November 2012


The thing about Tropics is that, no matter how different each song sounds, the same inimitable style is there, the lush cradle of sound that rocks you is always present. Thankfully, it's no different in his (yes, Tropics is a man: Chris Ward) newest track 'Popup Cinema', which will become or, rather, actually is the title track from his new EP of the same name: Popup Cinema. Let's say it again, all together this time: Popup Cinema. There we go.

I'm gonna just come out and say it - this track is beautiful. Like, actually beautiful. Starting off as a sparse few chords and delicious, near-heartbreaking vocals, the song quickly develops into a swaying masterpiece of rhythm. I thought that the last song we covered, 'Mouves', was something, but this is in another league. Listen to it, for seriously.

It could just as well continue as it began, with its percussive beat, tactile and delectable synth sounds, but it takes a different turn. More layers keep coming, low tone vocal samples come like ghostly solo singers in the background, floating in and out in waves, sharper synth walls pulse forward like some kind of religious experience but with music. For dancing, for driving, for chilling, for working, these are the kind of sounds that are so lovely and beautiful that they can transcend any situation you might happen to be in.

Holy Mother of Allah, oh Parameshwara, what a track.

Popup Cinema is released Monday 5th November. There will be a launch party for the EP next Friday 9th November at The Nest. What's more, Davey Evans (most recently renowned for the visual treatment of The XX's music) will be debuting a visual show for the EP launch, too. Sounds like it's going to be a lovely night, what with Micachu and Last Japan on the bill, too.

Here's the Facebook page for the event. Now get booking. And get listening, too.

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