Saturday 3 November 2012


Since we last wrote about the talented Mr. Hahn, Cyril Hahn, he has been very busy creating new tracks and getting attention on Annie Mac's BBC Radio 1 show (23rd September 2012). Good on him, we say, good on him indeed. He's got this insane knack for being able to turn the poppiest of pop songs into epic, emotional, heartrending pieces of electro-dance genius.

From the very first few seconds of the remix he did for Destiny's Child 'Say My Name' (you'll hear that a lot in everything you see about him), it is clear to see that here is a truly original talent, who, ironically, makes a name for himself by doing other people's songs better than they themselves first imagined and recorded them.

Although this time Cyril Hahn remixes a song that is not only more obscure than both of the gigantically popular 'Touch My Body' and 'Say My Name', but also just barely released, his treatment of Solange's new 'Losing You' is still impressively powerful. Set to the fuzz of staccato synths, a funko-catchy bassline and hollow, barely audible string accompaniments, the song makes good use of the vocal sample from Solange - one thing that it seems Mr. Hahn could do in his sleep, whilst dreaming of being asleep. As the song progresses, the bass suddenly drops into a warm lava flow of heavy sound that leaves you positively tingling with good vibes.

The only thing is that, had this been yet another song that everybody knows and loves, it would have been instantly exalted to the highest heights of adoration. However, the song is still nothing short of incredible. Though it lacks the sparse use of sound in the unreal 'Say My Name' remix, it easily makes up for this with a decidedly heavier, meatier, more dense sound - something that might be an indicator of a break into the mainstream quite soon, perhaps.

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