Wednesday 14 November 2012


More new Foals. Last night they had a little slot on Later... with Jools Holland, long a bastion of new and exciting music (famously rocketing the likes of Seasick Steve, amongst others, to fame in the UK), and as well as playing 'Inhaler' - which we, by now, all know and love - they also played a new number from upcoming new album Holy Fire (chalked for release 11th February 2013), 'My Number'. Here they are, the Foals boys, doing what they do best.

This one has a tropical vibe to it, a very danceable groove (reminiscent of 'Owner Of A Lonely Heart' by Yes, which is by no means at all a bad thing) that is, as ever, infectious to the very core. Add to that overall atmosphere a beat that, whilst steady, introduces the quirks that dominated the math-rock-style drumming on the first album Antidotes - and earlier demos - and a guitar so plinky and evocative of water that I think it's made me need the toilet, and you have 'My Number'. It has more of a hook than its much heavier partner at the moment, 'Inhaler', but if this variation is something we can look forward to on Holy Fire, then we're in for a regular buffet, smörgåsbord, sushi platter, tapas table of sounds.

And everyone knows how fun that kind of eating is: very.

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