Thursday 8 November 2012


Came across this song yesterday and kind of kicking ourselves that we didn't post about it there and then. But hey - mañana. And mañana it is.

We'd never heard of Kiddy Smile, hailing from France and discovered apparently by Beth Ditto, but it seems as if he is going for a 1990s revival sound. It's a popular vibe at the moment, with much electronic music finding inspiration in that era of raves and baggy trousers, most notably - for us, anyway - Azari & III illustrates that sound quality today. It's a mix of not-too-sophisticated synth sounds, big snares, repetitive beats, and a catchy vocal hook that has you humming it for days on end.

When we first heard this song, 'Worthy Of Your Love', by Kiddy Smile we were so impressed with the out of place, yet oddly comfortable/comforting sound of the track, that we had to listen to it for a second time straight away. Which is perfect because the EP, Worthy Of Your Love will be available very, very soon. This was able to confirm one thing to us: that this is a song we like a lot. And we hope you do, too.

It's catchy, it's fun, it reminds you nostalgically of a time that you thought was not so far gone in the past but is actually and rather depressingly more than 20 years in the past, and it makes you want to dance like a madman/madwoman. It reeks, like a heady perfume, of acid house. The video is like being rolled down a hill in a giant, musical kaleidoscope, full of all the colourful sights and sounds that go with the Era On Acid. Smiley faces ahoy.

It could be the case that in these troubling times of apocalyptic elections in that big country across the Atlantic, perceived immigration problems, economic turmoil, stagnating unemployment, a new paedophile every week (or one very famous one for a whole month), the large feet of government stepping on the many and tiny toes of the people, decreasing literacy, the possible collapse of social welfare, and a thousand-and-one other quite understandably depressing things, the cure is to look back to a time when a portion of the music heralded and indeed celebrated only one thing: good times. Songs like these are more than just a song to jig to; they're more like a comfort blanket.

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