Wednesday 14 November 2012


This is Jett, not Jeff. It's specified as much in the URL for the SoundCloud page. It's easy to see how you'd make that mistake. All the same: it's Jett. And what's more, it's Jett with a new song - 'Don't You Leave'.

This man is an East London-based producer and DJ who first saw great success this year with his debut release in July 2012 (on Moda Black), 'I Know I Want You' whose pot-bubbling-over dynamic and slicing, airborne synths - not to mention the mean and plucky garage-hearted bassline - rocketed the song and its creator to the Beatport House sales chart, receiving praise from many respected DJs across the genre. Indeed, back in September Mixmag put Jett's new song, brimming with deserved hype, at the Number 1 slot in their every-couple-of-days chart. It's not without making some pretty tasty beats that you get that kind of attention.

Want to see, or rather hear, what all that was about? Listen to the song below. For now, however, let's talk current, and let's talk specifically 'Don't You Leave'.

The song has a much more relentless feel in its thumping kick than the one we were just speaking about, but it has this mellowness about it that gives it a very chilled atmosphere indeed - in the floaty, reverberating melody that goes exactly where you want it to, the barely audible, ephemeral vocal sample, the roundly popping arpeggios the song easily finds its feet and, in fact, clearly identifies them. It hooks you in. Perfect for running, working, chilling and, above all, dancing. Certainly looking forward to more from this gifted producer. Listen below and, if you like it, you can download it for free - isn't that fantastic?

And finally, I leave you with Jett's 'I Know I Want You':

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