Thursday 22 November 2012


This fuzzy synth wonder that I came across the other day is something that I'm very happy to have found. It's a lovely sound that evokes continuation, galloping progress, gripping delicately onto the reigns of tomorrow.

What we have here is Pegase (pégase is french for Pegasus), so as far as flying through the air on a horse with wings goes, just the right amount of ethereal and ephemeral sounds have been wound around these two songs to paint a splendidly beautiful, electronic picture of that very mythicality.

These two songs are from Pegase's Dreaming Legend EP, which was released this Monday 19th November. Beginning with the first, which lends its name to the title of the EP itself, it begins as if in anticipation of some kind of take off. No sooner have the stuttering synth chords started than we are whisked off on the wide, soaring wings of this song. With a pulsing beat, it drives forward, leaving space for ambient, organ-type sounds and a voice that sullies forth as if from a dream, wrapped in a swaddling of reverb and echo. High, string or harmonica sounds begin to erupt, dropping the song into a break before a veritable nosedive into the layered beats and sounds that take us spiralling back to the ground. Below is the video for the said, beautiful song, 'Dreaming Legend' - a dreaming legend, indeed:

Next, we have the more grounded, more sombre, but no less beautiful near-sitar sounds of 'Ladybug'. Sounding more like a lo-fi dancefloor disco number, the vocals are more pronounced, and the beat is less electronic and closer to that of a real drumkit - albeit one with an 80s production quality. I love that the main melody of the song is provided for by tropical, beach-spun steel pans - one of my favourite sounds in the world. Both of these songs give us a clue of the different kinds of dynamic that Pegase can belt out whilst retaining the same, dream-pop kind of style that is not only easy, but also really lovely to listen to at the same time.

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