Monday 5 November 2012


The wonderful Foals, two years after their stunning album Total Life Forever will be releasing a sure-to-be exciting third studio album: Holy Fire. This will be released in the UK 11th February, 2013.

For now, we have left with teasers and tidbits, including a pre-album tour later this year - one of which I'll be popping along to. Of those teasers, their official website, is the biggest - newly designed and newly launched, it looks set to house all the nerve-shredding developments on the new album.

In other news, or should I say, mainly, Foals will be giving a sneak peak of a video for what we can only assume will be a single from the album, entitled 'Inhaler'. Where? Where will it be? On the French entertainment, music, lifestyle, etc. site, We're absolutely brimming with anticipation to see this.

It will be, as the poster says, à 22h ce soir, which in English means 9pm, tonight. Hold on to your hats, lock your doors, dim the lights, and click onto Konbini just before 9pm tonight to get your new dose of Foals - hopefully the first new dose of many... new doses! Below is the artwork for the new album, cleverly picked apart by one Facebook user: ""フォールズ(=FOALS)" "深呼吸 (=Inhaler)" In Japanese...." Thanks. That explains it all.

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