Wednesday 31 October 2012


Yeah. I know what you're thinking. "What can you do with all that stuff? To what is it testament?" Well, it's a video from one of my favourite artist of recent times, Tamaryn. Not only does she make these funky videos (wait, there's one below), brimming with all the lo-fi, flashing images of an 80s indie-pop video, but she makes some pretty beautiful music, too.

I've written about her before, about her lovely song 'I'm Gone', but since then her album, Tender New Signs has been released. The below video is for the newest single from that selfsame album, 'The Garden'.

Beginning with a lazily fluid wall of distorted guitar chords, soon the slow-day vibe that characterises Tamaryn's music kicks in. Using simple melodies, the guitar licks provide pretty setpieces against the harshly distorted chords. And in the middle of it all, her vocals float out like words spoken in a dream. There's a heavy amount of echo and reverb on this, but it's nothing bad, and certainly nothing to be afraid of, it just makes the vibe more dreamy than ever. We're in the clouds!

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