Monday 5 November 2012


Well, they've gone and done it themselves. Forget Konbini, watch the new video for Foals' latest single from their eagerly, highly, excitedly anticipated new album Holy Fire right above. We're just about dying from the full frontal force of this new song to even contemplate the contents of the video, remembering only graffiti, skateboarders, a tape player, a girl with lungs tattooed on her chest, and a wonderfully colourful bit of attire sported by Foals frontman, Yannis Philippakis.

As you'd expect, the song is good. It's so good that my words are running away from my brain before I've even had a chance to think about what I've just typed. Sorry about that. But the song is amazing.

It's an unexpected turn that Yannis himself has described as the "heaviest" song on the new album, but my goodness, do they do it well. Despite having that hard rock force, a killer riff that could rival any riff-maker of the last decade, and a wide, all-encompassing stadium sound that could uproot a whole forest, Foals penchant for all things dance is evident in the songs inescapable, nearly effervescent groove. Yeah, that's right. Even in the midst of heavy, distorted riffs, a danceable groove comes into place with a genius sense of dynamic, moving from that shredding, 900-storey-high guitar riff into a gentle, quieter part that plinks and plonks with palm-muted, heavily reverbed guitar arpeggios. You headbang, you tango. That's just how Foals works.

If this is anything to go by, which specifically (being an anomaly because of its latent heaviness) it isn't but generally it is, then we have a lovely surprise for us in store in the form of Holy Fire, due for release in the UK 11th February, 2013. For a band that has gone from sweaty but brilliant twiddly math rock indie floorfillers to the grace and beauty of anthemic ambience, the next venture holds in store for us something that we won't expect, but something that promises to tread new paths. Excited is an understatement.

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