Monday 5 November 2012


Out on Sound Pellegrino today, 5th November, is the new three song EP Botanica Dub from Matthias Zimmermann. Though I've only heard the teasers on his SoundCloud, I can assure you that any lover of dance music as it's supposed to be (i.e. dance-inducing) will get right on board with this. From the very beginning, the breathy synths and sparse, percussive breaks of 'Paul', the first track, give a sense of what's to come.

You can actually listen to the full, bounce-laden synth-fest that is 'Paul' on XLR8R now. Tasty.

We move on quickly to 'Quincy', whose beat has an Attention Deficit Disorder quality about it, certainly illustrated in the staccato samples and breakbeat snares grabbing your attention, twisting it and giving it a couple of bodyslams for good measure. The final track, 'Vincente' - one that I'm most excited about hearing fully - is full of a warm, party ambience that shines through with gusto in the full, vibrating bass synth that bumps the sound throughout the teaser of this track.

There's fun in all of Matthias Zimmermann's tracks on this EP, and it's the kind of fun you only get from letting loose to beautiful beats like these. Thankfully, it's out now, and if you want some fun-loving dance with a serious heart, then you should hop on over to iTunes for it now - or get the VERY LIMITED EDITION vinyl edition here.

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