Sunday 4 November 2012


One of my favourite moments of 2011 was discovering Clams Casino - hip-hop producer and producer in his own right; his big, dramatic beats, complete with a wonderful, earth shattering bass, were certainly an interesting discovery. Previously he's produced tracks for a number of artists, including Lil B and Soulja Boy, without, however, much recognition. Now, however, he's been credited, along with the creator of the track, as a producer on Mikky Ekko's new track 'Pull Me Down'.

The vocal stylings, although sounding a little as if they would be more suited to a down-'n'-dirty Jack White-style guitar explosion, are not greatly nor instantly recognisable do still find a place here amidst the slow-jams of the beat and its synthy blanket.

It's the music that is the overriding positive in this song, but that's not to say anything terrible against Mikky Ekko, not in the slightest; he has, along with Clams Casino, produced this track - to what extent we don't know - showing that his taste in wonderfully crisp ambient sounds and strong, ear-popping beats with a hip-hop slant is well-received. The vocals cover too much ground over the top of all the great music, sounding almost too distinct.

However, the track - with all its chillwave vibe - still deserves a listen and it surely deserves a download. Looking forward to hearing more from Mikky Ekko.

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