Friday 12 May 2017


One of our favourite things is when an instrumental track has descriptive title and the track itself is highly evocative of that title. So, like a track mentioning 'aquatic' in its title sounding like a good underwater theme. Now here we are talking about themes like we're talking about videogames – because that music specifically has to fit the surroundings, has to immerse you in the game. And while we're on the subject, the first thing highschooler xander's luscious track 'ourgarden' called to mind is the DK's Jungle Parkway theme from Mario Kart 64, with all the polyrhythmic marimba and ambient tropical life bristling in the background.

The tapestry of sound at work in xander's track, the skittering percussion and synth glitchings, illustrates the constant bustling life of a jungle, that's for sure. But for the track to be called 'ourgarden' – alluding to a relationship – and the track itself to be so wild and jostling in its sound, suggests something not as peachy or ordered as a literal garden but something darker, uncontrollable, unknowable. And then with the faint turmoil of the trappish beat with its slow pulse and thudding kicks and muted dramatic cymbal crashes, adds extra inner anguish to the track and its myriad organic adornments. That longing, begging vocal whispering "I love you so much..." during a break in the beats, nearly inaudible, almost menacing. The beauty of this track is as exquisitely deceptive as its title: the garden is not a garden—something looms in the lush undergrowth.

  • πŸ”” More lovely music from xander can be downloaded from his Bandcamp.

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