Thursday 18 May 2017


Beginning with magic and majesty, the soft clattering of different elements poised to join together and jam – the reverbing muted rumble of the drums, faroff breeze of cymbal, the bass plucked slowly and poignant in the tense silent air – Cosgrove's track 'Eastern Caravan' is a dream of music, skiffle skittering audio elements blend for an intricate tapestry of different noises, but overall the atmosphere is one of horizontal reclining chill, and of unknown locations only limited by where your imagination can take you—the title suggests something that the band had in mind, but its lonely expansive feel, the focused yet wandering jazz of it all, is a clarion call for conjuring mystical cutscenes.

As the song kicks in proper, the plaintive saxophonic hook twists and meanders over the smart snapping drums that bounce throughout, the rimshots and tom hits and the metallic skiffing of the cymbal, the veil of rhythm that works as the misty mainstay of the track. Guitars that sweep distant distorted chords wait their turn through a bass solo where the beat loses momentum and seems to melt before you, evocative as sliding into warm water, the blues-tinged virtuoso of the guitar crinkling and winding into peals of piano. Emotion abounds, the drums now at their most glimmering glitter sprinkling gold as now the warm tones of the saxophone fall back in and eventually grooving into that first melancholic hook with which the song began. A haze of restrained prodigy, the mastery of creating a sense of otherworldliness truly abounds here.

  • πŸ”” 'Eastern Caravan' is the opening song to Cosgrove's recently released album Volume 1., which you can now purchase from iTunes should you wish to do so.

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