Tuesday 30 May 2017


The atmosphere of 'without you' is instantly lovelorn. The gleaming synth chimes, cold and chilly and soaked in reverb resonating into the air of the track, signify distance; and warm sounds, like the continuous rumble of bass beneath it, compelling body and mind with feeling, strong emotion muffling and submerging you; the ghostly disembodied quality of the vocals, layered and in their lavish languor close to your ear; the lyrics, "when she woke up today sun soaking her face listening with tears / something had changed today she'd face her fears." It summons the warmth of human emotion versus the cold cruelty of being denied what you desire, a detached sense of muted-howling loneliness versus hot-breathed intimacy.

Boston duo DAVVN (pronounced 'dawn') combine this feeling with crystal clear pop affectations that allow it to be conveyed in a non-heartbreaking manner, something palatable. So the exquisite flavour of that sentiment rolls along with jostling kinetic energy, ticking hi-hats and tumbling rapid-fire kick-snare combos characterise a compelling beat, and the vocals seem to shiver and soothe at the same time, melodious and melting with the hook specifically and its pitch-shifted repetitions – "you're leaving me here without you" – leaving its silken traces behind in your memory. What an illustration of longing, with its immediacy and beauty painting it bite-sized and delectable.

  • πŸ”” It looks as though this is actually the duo's first ever song to appear on the internet. Keep your eyes on their SoundCloud for more.

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