Tuesday 30 May 2017


"Why pree, why pree, why pree…"What are you looking at? This is the central phrase, indeed the eponymous hook, to the luscious 'Pree' by Miami-based 8 Eight. The question, a casual enquiry, resounds catchy in the chorus, descending in a cyclical dance of rhythm and melody. In its colloquial style and simple but unpredictable pattern the vocal swerves and weaves through the lush laid-back vibrancy of the track; rapid and dancehall-flavoured but effortless and balanced, it skips along with its purposeful autotune, sometimes richly layered in harmonies, the 22-year-old 8 Eight's Caribbean roots imbued in the bounce of it all.

This singing swings above a calm nocturnal instrumental courtesy of Balistic Beats, something warm and sultry and utterly groovesome. Synth chords resonate with chilled majesty, the bass booms subtly on each count of the four-four rhythm for undeniable kinetic energy, the beat thickets with clustering click-clacking clatter of percussive elements echoing, popping and thudding. How these elements seem to carefully wrap the vocals in satin sheen, how the track summons its slow-motion dreamlike atmosphere, how it shudders resplendent with potential.

8 Eight Internet Presence ☟

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