Tuesday 30 May 2017


'Flaw' by Duck House. It's a nice song isn't it, a hazy portion of slo-house, a track like melting fog, like distilled summer feelings condensing on the inside of your mind. But then imagine this song faster and less melty and your conclusion will come closer to something like this wonderful remix from Hamburg musicmaker Chris Versas, a clear avenue of funky house, a cyclical trail that lets Duck House's original elements add to the summery veil hung over the legible pulse of this dance-destined reworking.

At once it's that bass, reminiscent of the original bassline, its syncopated rhythms, its rounded muted half-sharp flavour, running the show. From here the drums shuffle with pop-out swing replete with metallic hi-hat and tambourine jangle, offbeat handclap snare running along this etching this carving of rhythm. House, the glorious repetitions, the progressive feeling as different parts flow in and out—those sun-soaked vocals, the squeals of guitar, hovering clouds of ambient sound. And from around the 3-minute mark there is a crescendo of synth, a rising up whooshing and soaring into the sky, before the track settles back into its plain but poignant groove.

  • πŸ”” You can find some more remixes by Chris Versas, as well as mixes, at his SoundCloud.

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