Tuesday 16 May 2017

🐣 RENΓ‰ — I.N.T.O.

The voice of London singer RENÉ in her latest track is a revelation. Silken smooth it effortlessly navigates low notes almost purring as it resonates delving deep and then rising high lilting with accents and ornaments, trilling and sliding with satin sheen from one line to the next. Alone, her voice reverbs lonesomely into the distance, stark and beautiful, but layered as in the second verse (from 01:05) it's a slice of Destiny's Child-leaning R&B jam, rich and elastic and winding rhythmically to the clattering beat, a dark and futuristic instrumental leading us forwards with angular twists and turns.

Weaving with the vocals is a sultry synth that melts between fizzing trebles and muted lows in a pulsing flutter that veils RENÉ's voice and the track in an atmosphere of cyclical longing. This cuts out in the chorus, when the vocals sing out "Cause I'm not the one..." shining and sirenlike, room to breathe with this lull in the synth. And that starkness is played out with the collage of percussion in the beats, booming bass kick, clacking snares, ticking hi-hats, glassy metallic sounds, all of it rattling and stuttering in arhythmic glitch, a hint of grime in the darkness of it, in this sharp beat and in the lone overdriven kicks of the bridge. This keen sense of hazy minimalism allows for a distinct focus on RENÉ herself, and her voice, the lavish tone of it, rhythm, melody, all of it a gratifying intoxicating blend of heart, soul and vocal chords.

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