Tuesday 2 May 2017


Here is a freshly dropped track from Manchester beatmaker, Mecca:83, a chillmatic sunsoaking piece of swaggery boom-bap inclined cocktail-by-the-pool-flavoured sample-led sultry optimism. But whilst it would fit hot sunny weather like a missing puzzle piece, there is an underlying iciness to 'Body Glow' that exists in its cold muted bubbling of the soft synths, the desolate reverb on the hollow snare clack, destined for a rise in temperature.

This frosty morning feel, animated by the alien synthetics and their continuous ambient wobble, is melted by certain elements of the track, perhaps giving it its name – take into consideration the warm glow of another human body amidst freezing bitter weather drifting around, or the warmth of love in a haze of emptiness. You have the rounded gloop of bass that grooves through, but the vocal samples lead the cheer, expertly selected for tonal variety, cut and served with rhythmic precision, each distinct from yet melting into the next. And if you take into account the trickle of birdsong at the beginning, it's nothing specific as it is general: this track is Spring itself after the thaw of winter.

  • πŸ”” 'Body Glow' arrives courtesy of London "Movement & Record Label", NINETOFIVE.
  • πŸ”” Recently Mecca:83 worked alongside British rapper Scorzayzee on their collaborative Cherish The Moment EP. You can listen to that on SoundCloud.

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