Thursday 18 May 2017


We follow this one through its dusty drums and through its swirling synth pads and through its plumes of smoky desert noise from start to finish in a blissed out chillmenture of analogue sound and minimalist groove. And what a thing to follow, to be sucked into, what a thing to wash away like soothing white noise the craggy escarpments of the mind and lure you into a cyclical nowhere, no-thought, just simple music and motion. This is 'Innervision', the debut track from London musicmaker Ruido, as basic as monotone, as gloomy greyscale but also as stark and effective.

And it's warm. It's a warm journey. How at first the sounds seem cold and hollow but how over the duration of the track it transforms from lonesome sound to a fuzzy blanket, a comforting beatscape. We are warmed first and foremost by its rich sounds, its lavish textured synth chords, secondly by its gloopsome columns of bass toppled and bulging bounce beneath the steady house heartpump of the beat. Thirdly, how the piano, the loops of piano, play out a melody fluttering of a rainy city sky at night with the droplets caught dreary drizzle in dim streetlights, but how simultaneously this warms with its muffled tones. 'Innervision' is an introspective jam, a detached weary wide-eyed soundscape, the watchful gaze of yourself on yourself as you attempt to fathom your own thoughts.

  • πŸ”” Ruido's wonderful track arrives courtesy of Bristol label Fly Boy, and it's also available to download for free so that's nice.

Ruido Internet Presence ☟

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