Wednesday 17 May 2017


The rich sheen of sounds at work in 'Ton' by Brisbane-based musicmaker Liam.M is a soothing reflection of chilled fluffycloud skies, calm coastal drives as the sun retreats beyond the sea, beyond the beach. Almost melancholy in its end-of-day majesty, the track seems to soar with emotive spectres of shimmering sound amidst thickets of synth, vocals rear up and call plaintively into an indigo sunset, a cafΓ© del mar-esque special, drops of white sun glitter-glitter on sliding waves as people take their reclining position in readiness for the onset of dusk—the bummed-out-ness of light leaving vs. the beauty of that occurrence. Day/Night. Life/Death.

The beat propels us forward, a driving simply thudding beat with snare fills that smash their way through the slow motion momentum of the track. It's augmented and ornamented by luscious delicious percussion clanks and clatters throughout, clop-clicking like parts of a machine, which at 01:45 join the glimmer phasing brightness of the track and its softly booming bass, the beat falling away, the sound alone washing its atoning atmosphere over your ears. The rifling synth sounds, that hi-pitched golden element, is key in its wonderfulness, sounding like an enhanced sort of stringed Mediterranean instrument, helping to set the scene for this rustic organic slice of sound, this super-chilled yet well grounded illustration of beauty and its passing, and the mono no aware sense of pathos, the welling-eyes happy-sadness in that very thought.

  • πŸ”” More from the "20 year old producer and Music Tech student" can be found over at his SoundCloud.

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