Wednesday 24 May 2017


Stomping onto the scene is the pump-action rhythms of 'Real', a frosty frenzy of dancehall flavours and futuristic leanings from Colorado-born New York-dwelling musicmaker Glades or sometimes GLZDES. Overdriven kicks provide necessary fidgeting bounce, icy synths paint spooky gleaming sparklescapes from space operas freeflowing and far off, thin misty lasering sounds that provide sufficient otherworldly ambience. As a sidenote, beginning at 1:22 the pingpong syncopation summons the plinky noises that appear in the theme for Stage 3 of Streets of Rage—recollections empower music.

And amidst the luscious shaker sounds with its textured bristling and the clacking percussion that drive the track forward and lend it a popping atmosphere, the thuddy kicks that help it sway away from the "real real real real real" parts, amidst this and between them is the voice of Yoh, his words distant and whirled in fogs of synth and skipping with jazz inflection and agility.

Glades tells us over email that 'Real' is inspired by "the relationship btw Honesty and Promiscuity." Indeed there are two contrasting facets of the track: the unrelenting faster sections vs. the soft nebulous parts. This duality could be mirroring those conflicting concepts. "In Western culture ~ we don't like to let these coexist," he explains. "We like to demonize, shame... we talk about sexual freedom and like to think we are free sexually as a culture, but I don’t believe that’s true, I don’t believe as a culture that we can handle it emotionally."

'Real' pops with minimalism and intensity, compels with hazy floating sounds and crucial tactile ones, grounded but cloudbound, it's the far-off future where things merge and work together and concepts are as free and flexible as the ones that dream them, a heartgasm of isolation in idealism.

  • πŸ”” 'Real' follows two weeks in the wake of 'Turbulence', another track taken from a forthcoming release called VISCERAL. Glades revealed that all its songs were all like a purge the past few years, the times I could let it all go and be most honest.""Now I realize the best way for us all to live is to be full honest all the time, but I did not know this at the time." The project is due for release on 2nd June.

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