Tuesday 1 April 2014


You know sometimes you just gotta do something? Just gotta do it. Like, oh a piece of cheesecake just appeared in front of me, gotta eat it. Or, wow there's a £10 note on the floor, gotta pick it up. And in this instance, I just got sent this music and listened to it, gotta write about it! That's how it works. But FYI you shouldn't be as instantly self-gratifying like this when it comes to immoral stuff – please stay moral and loving and nice towards each other.

Anyway, this music appeared all the way from Prague, capital of the Czech Republic. It's just one song, one song by the mysterious Brooklyn83 (just this one song is on their SoundCloud, and they have like no followers, no links either), with a remix of that song by fellow Prague duo Prince of Tennis, their name obvs inspired by manga/anime The Prince of Tennis. The song is called 'Storm In A Teacup' after the fun idiom that basically means making a big deal over nothing (synonymous with tempest in a teapot, tempest in a teacup, storm in a cream bowl, tempest in a glass of water, storm in a wash-hand basin and storm in a glass of water, according to Wikipedia).

And it's that phrase precisely which refrains throughout the song, heavily vocodered with cybernetic aesthetics – a light sprinkling of vocals to season the track, tangled and bristling with shuffling shaking beats that sway between thudding kick and cracking snare in a perfect rendition of UK garage sensibilities, yet budding with the rhythmic addiction of footwork. Bass stays low and subby but there are moments where it's thrown out like a lasso to the higher ends of the spectrum and pulled back with kinetic whiplash effect. Weird and lush, it's happily surprising and shivery with sonic nuances that you can't help but eat up.

Prince of Tennis's remix is a much noisier affair, a sort of indie-dance-pop with steely and robust bass guitar driving the song in a fragmentary fashion; brash explosive electro drums make up the semi-brutal dancefloor-friendly beat; the refrain "Storm… in a teacup, in a teacup" is treated well alongside smart pulses of synthpop chord and heart-popping copter-like chops. Two surprises in one. Two very different songs. Both unique and affecting enough to get excited about. Check out their other stuff.

  • It's available for a free download if you like it CLICK RIGHT HERE or go to Prince of Tennis's SoundCloud (link below innit)

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