Wednesday 2 April 2014


Ah Jacob 2-2. I fell in love with him, well not actually him – his MUSIC – last year when I was introduced to his song 'Milo De Venus', a beautifully nostalgic track, via cool Canadian label King Deluxe. This was taken from his album Herbivore, which was like taking a journey through the idealised childhood of a young reluctant hero from an 80s movie where real life is slowly taken over by fantasy – it sounded like shiny red bicycles, oversized baseball jackets, and empty suburban stretches of road in the summer holidays. You'd probably like it. Naturally, I thought his tastes would be cool for a mix; I asked, he was happy to do one, and he even made some super nice artwork for the mix. He's titled it 'Abiogenesis', which is (thanks Wikipedia) "the natural process by which life arose from non-living matter such as simple organic compounds" – a fascinating though now discredited concept, and one that fits his mix perfectly, as it features a lot of older music (the music world's "organic compounds" perhaps) that gave life to what we have today.

From jazz to hip hop to electro to prog rock to jazz to disco, it's a fabulously varied mix and one comprised equally of new, shiny, modern and old, endearing, reliclike. There's the crazy frenetic groove in Ras G's noisy and bleepsome 'One 4 Kutmah', Jacob 2-2's own junkyard clattering remix of Navigateur's 'Breathe' as well as Joob's brand of chiptune hip hop in 'Sacred Science'. But then there's surprise Hammond organ virtuoso in British prog rock band Egg's take on Bach's 'Fugue In D Minor' (featuring, if you'd care to notice, a beat that any hip hop fan'd tell you was decent, and certainly not bad for 1970); French disco champion Cerrone's 1978 oddly hypnotic 'Rocket In The Pocket'; Organized Konfusion's fiery underground hip hop in 'Releasing Hypnotical Gases' taken from their debut self-titled album (1991). Then there's the finale, 'White Eagle' by German electronic outfit Tangerine Dream, still going strong since 1967 having recently provided some original music for the Grand Theft Auto V OST.

But enough of this! Go soak up the sounds and download it for free too. THANKS J22!

T R A C K L I S T :

  1. Joel Vandroogenbroeck – Japanese Technology
  2. 10th letter – Primordial Soup
  3. Navigateur – Breathe (Jacob 2-2 RMX)
  4. Organized Konfusion – Releasing Hypnotical Gases
  5. Roy Ayers – Fikisha (To Help Someone To Arrive)
  6. Joob – Sacred Science
  7. Doc ILL – It Starts (ft. Ally B)
  8. Ras G – One 4 Kutmah
  9. Egg – Fugue in D Minor
  10. Cerrone – Rocket In The Pocket
  11. Ceephax – Natural Spectrum
  12. Tangerine Dream – White Eagle

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