Thursday 24 April 2014


You can always trust London's Jamie xx to plate up a solid serving of bass in each of his musical mealtimes, but here it's not only a feast, a banquet of bass, but also a crucial element to the video. What? Well, the people dancing, members of the Manchester Deaf Centre in the video are deaf – the only way they can get the rhythm is to feel it, literally feel it through the bulldozing bass that would make your hair stand on end and through the rhythm of shared movement. This was the dream of its creator, artist Sofia Mattioli, to explore not hearing rhythm, but also feeling and sharing rhythm.

It's an inspiring video that shows the danceable power in Jamie xx's music, his signature. 'Sleep Sound' is a rumbling giant of sound, blood-curdling bass juddering the whole way, draped with rhythmic, indecipherable vocal samples that play in patterns alongside the drums, which clatter in virtuosic garage style with muffled snares and pinching hi-hats to a house-flavoured pattern. The whole thing swings forward in luscious lilts of rhythm, something that strikes you almost instantly as soon as the beat kicks in, additional percussive loops and fills as well as increased waves of sampled vocals providing a heady lift as the track crescendos towards the end.

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