Wednesday 16 April 2014


It really sounds like it's the start of something on first listen – and rightly so. The track is the beginning of a conceptual project, at least seemingly – if THIS NOTE on the Daytrip tumblr is anything to go by, and also the fact it says "The story begins…" in the song's description on SoundCloud – that aims… well, who knows. I don't know what the aim is. But from this inaugural track, 'Flight 43 (NYC)' we can at least glean that it's got something to do with taking a trip. A daytrip perhaps— that was lame, sorry. All it could be referencing is, well, just the start of the music project that is Daytrip.

Before we go any further, who's Daytrip? Good Q. So Daytrip is a duo from New York City made up of DenZ and David Hugh Cosby and the music they make is very exciting. Beginning with a female voice, a flight attendant's or something, announcing the flight from New York to Kingston, Jamaica, it carries with it all the rumbling potential of a track that could easily GO OFF as they say. As if poised for take off, bubbling arpeggios glitter into view, and then the beat – a frantic feat of footwork syncopation – begins to rattle before we drop into the triumphal electrolysed chords, sharp and bright, illustrating the weird majesty of flight.

Glockenspiel sounds add a cute innocence, the wide-eyed wonder as you look out the window at the ever-disappearing ground below, breaking through the clouds into a silent sky – sub-bass kicks deafening and energising – a vocal sample gabbers incoherently – it's a beautifully delicious sound that takes us through the emotions of exploring the unknown, the wordless anticipation of travelling to new places. The cherry on top here is some mean guitar shredding in the form of an untouchable guitar solo, played by Ed Graves (from London), a scrambling collection of distorted wails and screams that bring to mind the soundtrack for F-Zero X: the perfect sound for zooming along at breakneck speed, which is basically exactly what you do in a plane.

In any case, it's a huge sound full of attitude and a towering atmosphere – something that definitely fits the image of soaring above NYC's collection of skyscrapers.

What would be really cool is if this really is a conceptual project… so like, this first track explores the sounds involved in getting a plane from NYC to Kingston; then a new location is announced, and the song is formed based around whatever Daytrip imagine would fit best. Or maybe I just don't know anything. Either way, this particular song is V NICE, and unique: when was the last time you heard a guitar literally shredding it UP in a song that sounds like it's more influenced by ghetto house than anything else? Exactly. Probably never. Unique, thoughtful, bombastic – it's great. And I am looking forward to the next leg of the journey.

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