Wednesday 16 April 2014


What is N.O.R.K? Well, they're a R&B-inspired duo from Tokyo who seem to be set on success – or least that's the idea that you get from the preview of their upcoming album ADSR; stunning harmonies from the pair, Nariaki Obukuro and Ray Kunimoto, sing out over huge soundscapey instrumentals. Only formed in 2013, their sound is already massively polished and I'm sure set for big things.

There's also a few of remixes on the album (more a mini-album cause there are only 4 originals), including one from Licaxxx (aka Rika Hirota, whom you may have seen in the video for Spazzkid's '40 Winks') and one from DJ & producer Lady Citizen – as you can tell from the title of this little post right here, he's remixed 'Yell Out' and it sounds a little something like the embedded thingy below. In addition to this, I believe that it, perhaps because of simplicity, improves upon the original.

What you'll notice straight away here is the huge attention paid to the bass here, pulsating like the mechanical heartbeat of some huge machine, becoming the sludgy yet smooth foundational beat to the track. Airy, intergalactic drones provide wall-of-sound appeal as glittering synths make their appearance above, in golden echoes of sunlight sweeping across the crests of gently lapping waves. The beat is joined by gentle percussion towards the end, popping tom sounds and tambourine rattlings that move in tandem with the great bulges of sub-bass.

The vocals become unearthly here, soaked with reverb – as is the rest of the track – for spacey appeal, a lonely sound that puts voice into a void. The futuristic simplicity of this track's reliance on bass, and not much more (and what there is used only for ornamental purposes), is kind of fascinating, hypnotising in a way – an all-encompassing take on dance music.

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